Source code for fsspec.implementations.sftp

import datetime
import logging
import os
import types
import uuid
from stat import S_ISDIR, S_ISLNK

import paramiko

from .. import AbstractFileSystem
from ..utils import infer_storage_options

logger = logging.getLogger("fsspec.sftp")

[docs] class SFTPFileSystem(AbstractFileSystem): """Files over SFTP/SSH Peer-to-peer filesystem over SSH using paramiko. Note: if using this with the ``open`` or ``open_files``, with full URLs, there is no way to tell if a path is relative, so all paths are assumed to be absolute. """ protocol = "sftp", "ssh"
[docs] def __init__(self, host, **ssh_kwargs): """ Parameters ---------- host: str Hostname or IP as a string temppath: str Location on the server to put files, when within a transaction ssh_kwargs: dict Parameters passed on to connection. See details in May include port, username, password... """ if self._cached: return super().__init__(**ssh_kwargs) self.temppath = ssh_kwargs.pop("temppath", "/tmp") # remote temp directory = host self.ssh_kwargs = ssh_kwargs self._connect()
def _connect(self): logger.debug("Connecting to SFTP server %s", self.client = paramiko.SSHClient() self.client.set_missing_host_key_policy(paramiko.AutoAddPolicy()) self.client.connect(, **self.ssh_kwargs) self.ftp = self.client.open_sftp() @classmethod def _strip_protocol(cls, path): return infer_storage_options(path)["path"] @staticmethod def _get_kwargs_from_urls(urlpath): out = infer_storage_options(urlpath) out.pop("path", None) out.pop("protocol", None) return out def mkdir(self, path, create_parents=True, mode=511): logger.debug("Creating folder %s", path) if self.exists(path): raise FileExistsError(f"File exists: {path}") if create_parents: self.makedirs(path) else: self.ftp.mkdir(path, mode) def makedirs(self, path, exist_ok=False, mode=511): if self.exists(path) and not exist_ok: raise FileExistsError(f"File exists: {path}") parts = path.split("/") new_path = "/" if path[:1] == "/" else "" for part in parts: if part: new_path = f"{new_path}/{part}" if new_path else part if not self.exists(new_path): self.ftp.mkdir(new_path, mode) def rmdir(self, path): logger.debug("Removing folder %s", path) self.ftp.rmdir(path) def info(self, path): stat = self._decode_stat(self.ftp.stat(path)) stat["name"] = path return stat @staticmethod def _decode_stat(stat, parent_path=None): if S_ISDIR(stat.st_mode): t = "directory" elif S_ISLNK(stat.st_mode): t = "link" else: t = "file" out = { "name": "", "size": stat.st_size, "type": t, "uid": stat.st_uid, "gid": stat.st_gid, "time": datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp( stat.st_atime, tz=datetime.timezone.utc ), "mtime": datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp( stat.st_mtime, tz=datetime.timezone.utc ), } if parent_path: out["name"] = "/".join([parent_path.rstrip("/"), stat.filename]) return out def ls(self, path, detail=False): logger.debug("Listing folder %s", path) stats = [self._decode_stat(stat, path) for stat in self.ftp.listdir_iter(path)] if detail: return stats else: paths = [stat["name"] for stat in stats] return sorted(paths) def put(self, lpath, rpath, callback=None, **kwargs): logger.debug("Put file %s into %s", lpath, rpath) self.ftp.put(lpath, rpath) def get_file(self, rpath, lpath, **kwargs): if self.isdir(rpath): os.makedirs(lpath, exist_ok=True) else: self.ftp.get(self._strip_protocol(rpath), lpath) def _open(self, path, mode="rb", block_size=None, **kwargs): """ block_size: int or None If 0, no buffering, if 1, line buffering, if >1, buffer that many bytes, if None use default from paramiko. """ logger.debug("Opening file %s", path) if kwargs.get("autocommit", True) is False: # writes to temporary file, move on commit path2 = "/".join([self.temppath, str(uuid.uuid4())]) f =, mode, bufsize=block_size if block_size else -1) f.temppath = path2 f.targetpath = path f.fs = self f.commit = types.MethodType(commit_a_file, f) f.discard = types.MethodType(discard_a_file, f) else: f =, mode, bufsize=block_size if block_size else -1) return f def _rm(self, path): if self.isdir(path): self.ftp.rmdir(path) else: self.ftp.remove(path) def mv(self, old, new): logger.debug("Renaming %s into %s", old, new) self.ftp.posix_rename(old, new)
def commit_a_file(self):, self.targetpath) def discard_a_file(self): self.fs._rm(self.temppath)